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Heart of the West Aircraft Engines, Inc.

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Heart of the West Aircraft

Heart of the West Aircraft Engines, Inc. is owned by Bruce McWhorter. Bruce and his wife, Sunshine, have been married for 24 years and have five sons. The entire family is heavily involved in the local 4-H through the horse club and the showing of market goats. 

Bruce McWhorter has been building engines for 30 years with over half of that in the aviation industry. Bruce has used his 20 years in aviation to develop a "NO SURPRISE PRICING" structure. This pricing structure will eliminate the annoying nickle and dime charges that so often happen during an engine overhaul. 

We believe in giving you the very best service for your dollar. We are a small shop with the experience to take care of you. We believe in keeping our overhead down and passing the savings on to you. We can accomplish this through low rent and targetted advertising.